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We have considered patients first and targeted critical neuropathological aspects impeding human spinal cord repair. DREIMS approach bears an acceptable medical risk for the functional gains it can produce.

Millions of persons may benefit from our bioelectrical implant. It is an innovative technology with potential for efficacy in several types of neurological damage.

SCT S.L. will be responsible for the manufacturing and exploitation of the combinatorial therapy and will promote safety and efficacy clinical trials after DREIMS project.

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SCT S.L. was created in 2022 by Dr. Jorge Collazos-Castro and Dr. Alexandra Alves-Sampaio to pursue the refinement and validation of a successful treatment for spinal cord injury.

The operational headquarters of the company are located at the Paraplegic National Hospital (HNP) in Toledo, Spain. The HNP is a public reference center that provides integral medical care to SCI patients, with about two hundred fifty new admissions every year. From 1974, more than 12.500 SCI patients have been treated in this hospital.

Dr. Jorge E. Collazos-Castro holds a medical degree (1995) and a Ph.D. degree in Neurosciences (2003). Since the earliest professional stage, his interest has been contributing effective treatments for human neurological injuries. He is the Principal Investigator of the Neural Repair and Biomaterials Laboratory at the HNP and is member of the Castilla LaMancha Health Research Institute (IDISCAM. He coordinated the European Commission – funded NERBIOS (FP6, 2006-2009) and NEUROFIBRES (FET-Proactive, 2016-2021) projects, aiming at developing electroactive scaffolds for dynamical control of cell behavior and spinal cord repair, and currently coordinates DREIMS EIC Transition project. Dr. Collazos-Castro is lead inventor in two patents supporting DREIMS innovative edge, is co-founder and CEO/CSO of Spinal Cord Technologies S.L., and since 2022 has participated in several technology transfer and business workshops organized by the EIC Business acceleration services. He is fully committed to translate research findings to patients and transform DREIMS implant into a clinically effective and marketable medical device.

SCT S.L. is currently searching for a Regulatory Affairs Specialist and a Business Development Manager to address regulatory requirements and business activities and thus increase the market readiness of the implant.